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Otto Skinner

Our Friend is
A Personal Notice from
The Friends of Otto Skinner


To all those inquiring about Otto Skinner
And all those ordering books and documents.

This is a note to let everyone know that Otto has been completely disabled due to circulatory disease that resulted in the amputation of his leg. He is in the hospital and has not been able to answer e-mail, fulfill book orders or tend to his own finances. This will continue for quite some time, and the only way that we can complete the orders is for everyone to...

PLEASE SEND ONLY CASH or U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER for the amount of the order including shipping but WITH PAYEE LINES LEFT BLANK.

All bank checks or any other types of money orders will be returned.

Please know that your prayers and book orders will help a great patriot in his time of need.

For now, please purchase the books and STUDY all the material presented. For more information, please visit domymathhomeworks.com. If you need help writing a paper on this topic, use a custom essay writing service to score high. You can get programming assignment help all year round. Thanks to all of you who have supported Otto’s work in the past.


Friends of Otto Skinner

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