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To The Readers of
The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All

By Otto Skinner

I urge the readers of The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All to, at some point, start reading the book page by page from the Introduction to the end, whether it takes two days or two months. The book has been put together by laying a solid foundation at the beginning, and building upon that foundation, step by step.

I urge the readers not to assume they know what will be in any particular part of the book simply because the information looks familiar. Even the readers of my first two books will find in "Tax Loophole" new information, new thoughts, new ideas, new ways to articulate the issues, and perhaps more importantly, court citations which may be new to the reader. If they skip, they are bound to miss something important, such as the Bothke and Bivens cases. .

I also urge the readers not to assume they know the answers to any of the 170 questions in Chapter 17 of the book, but rather compare their beliefs with my comments on the referenced pages. If their belief differs from mine, it is certainly an issue they should want to check out in a law library. They need to be able to articulate and document precisely why one belief is right and precisely why the other belief is wrong. This is the only way I know how to eliminate the confusion in the patriot community. If a person doesn't take the time to take the test in Chapter 17, it demonstrates that he is just looking for a quick fix. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick fix. If there is such a thing as a silver bullet, it will be made up in large part of knowledge and understanding.

The response to the IRS agent who asks for books and records (as shown in the book) can be converted to a response to anything the agency sends you. You are demanding the agent provide documented proof, if he can, which will substantiate his claim. This is the proof the patriots have been demanding and the demands the agents have been ignoring. Without this proof, you are being denied your fundamental rights to due process of law, which are:
  1. Notice;
  2. Discovery (Disclosure) (which the agent cannot provide and he does not want to be deposed); and
  3. A full hearing (which the agency cannot provide).
Fundamental due process rights are to be distinguished from administrative due process rights as well as statutory rights. It has been pointed out to me that one should not invoke his fundamental due process rights until he can articulate precisely which ones he is being denied. It has also been pointed out to me that without fundamental due process rights, we have no rights at all. Argue fundamental due process rights first; then argue taxes, if necessary.

As many of you realize, over the years the patriot community has been inundated with false information. In my articles within this web site, you will find both my view and the views of others. I urge the reader not to believe anything anyone tells you about the so-called "income" tax. I urge you to not use any information in your own case until you have thoroughly checked it out for yourself. If one doctor suggests an operation, it is usually a good idea to get a second opinion. My books and articles certainly provide a second opinion for you to consider. The price is right, and checking it all out for yourself may save you a great deal in time, expense, the loss of property due to civil penalties imposed by the IRS because you used the wrong information, as well as a loss of your liberty.

Almost every patriot will agree that there is a lot of confusion in the patriot community as to what is true and what is not true about the so-called "income" tax. Most patriots will agree that much of the information which is floating around the patriot community is false information. What patriots will have a difficult time agreeing upon, however, is which information is true and which information is false.

Taking a legally flawed argument to court will almost always guarantee defeat, and in criminal cases, will usually provide a fast track to a place of incarceration. In spite of all of the confusion and false information, it is vitally important for patriots to stop wasting their time, effort and money pursuing legal theories which are invalid.

Finally, the readers are urged not to try to mix the information from my books with anyone else's information. The odds are about 99 chances out of 100 that the material will not mix.

Otto Skinner is the author of the following three books:

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