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Otto Skinner
Welcome to My Website
A Personal Welcome from Otto Skinner

This is a very simple website. It is here to provide you with accurate information regarding the so-called "income" tax. I suggest you print out and STUDY my special articles available. Then review the books available including the table of contents of each book. Also, review the table of contents of the past issues of the newsletters. These newsletters provide you with a trial transcript and pleadings, along with my comments, which will help you prepare ahead of time in the event you are ever charged criminally for failure to file or attempted tax evasion. An Order Form is available.

Before you proceed, you may want to see what other readers have to say. (See comments, below.)

If you have any questions, you can e-mail me directly at

Dear Mr. Skinner, I have read all your books concerning the income tax, etc. I find them legally sound on every point of law and logic
G.C.B., Beaumont, TX.

Dear Mr. Skinner, I purchased your book 'The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All' a couple of months ago and although I've been active against the great American income tax rip-off for a long time, I am getting more out of your meticulous and incisive material than from anything else I have found so far.
P.S.B., Manchaca, TX

I feel fortunate to have come across your book (The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All) and I look forward to promoting it and sharing it with others.
B.B., Denver, CO

Dear Otto, As you know, I have bought and read all three of your books and I was informed thereby better than in any other set of books I have read. I am especially pleased with your Chapter 10 of The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All and believe that to be the center of any defense.
L.G.E., Upland, CA

Otto Skinner, Thank you for opening my eyes. Don't worry about those who deny you and attack you. They will find their just rewards along the wayside. You are right.
D.K., Chatham, MA

Out of all the books I have read on the tax laws, yours is the only one that makes sense.
D.K., Chatham, MA

Dear Otto, Having read The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All, and then reading it again, I must say that this book is your greatest work yet. Thanks! I have acquired all of your books, newsletters, and copies of many court cases over the years. It is totally beyond my comprehension as to why so many flawed arguments are still being used. I guess we have to continue to "knock on the door" until some people finally "open" it. Keep up the great work!.
M.S., Elyria, OH

The only place I know to get the facts regarding the income tax is in your books.
P.J., California

Otto, Your research has been a Godsend to all sides - the tax "enforcers", the tax "protestors" and Congress. Your research clears away all the camouflage and confusion, exposes the misapplication of the so-called "income" tax, and lets the public read for themselves the evidence that the 16th Amendment gave Congress no new power of taxation but kept the "income" tax in the classification of an indirect tax in the nature of an excise.

This is great news for our nation and knowledge that the general public must have to prevent us from slipping further into economic slavery. You're a treasure.
C.B., Northridge, CA

Otto, I just read and thoroughly enjoyed TBTLOA. Your book was appropriately referenced and correctly instructed the readers to judge for themselves.
Clark, USA

Thank you for all your effort in bringing together a concise explanation of the income tax and how to utilize such information to regain a large part of one's freedom.

After wallowing in the plethora of income tax information on the internet for about a year, trying to figure out if each tactic made any sense, I finally decided to buy your books. I'm glad I did because they deal with PRINCIPLES of income taxation, while so much of the internet information dealt what I call "surface issues" [which] never get to the real heart of the matter.
L.C., Kansas

Otto, Thanks for all your help, work and clear thinking. No other work on taxes is so right, so clear, so succinct, so simple, so easy, so inexpensive.... Your work is the best. It is well worth the full price and then some.
M.M., D.C., Denmark, SC

In a letter to a colleague. Dear Al, ... I find that everybody [promoters] out there are more hype than substance, and more off point than on. Otto's work is just the opposite, little or no hype, totally on point. Also to his credit in 15 years of being a leader he has not sustained a single charge by the tax authorities, not true of nearly everybody else out there spinning a web, most of whom have been to jail at least once if not multiple times.
M.M., D.C., Denmark, SC

God Bless you Otto, and thank you for your continued efforts in the fight for truth and the American dream.
M.E., Harpers Ferry, WV

Dear Mr. Skinner, I have been using your research exclusively in my arguments with the IRS and employer for the past couple of years. I have succeeded in getting my employer of 27 years to stop withholding income taxes, using your recommended letter.
R.S., Concord, NH

Dear Mr. Skinner, I used your approach successfully against the State of Illinois when I didn't file for 5 years.
A.C., Andersonville, TN

Otto. Thank you for your work. I find I must continually refer to your work in order to keep my own thinking in line. You have done a great service. I agree there are far too many frivolous and fraudulent arguments that do nothing but confuse the issue.
D.S., Northern, MI

Dear Otto, Thank you so much for writing a book that is easy to understand. I have enjoyed the books and have started to research the info like you have asked.
N.J.V., Byron, MI

Dear Otto, I have purchase The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All. You have done a remarkable job of clearly expositing (expounding or doing an exposition of) the law and untangling the many misunderstandings associated with these issues.
V.R.H., Ringgold, GA

Dear Otto, I have all of your books and after studying this topic for over six years, there's no doubt that your research is the cream.
T.L.M., Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Otto, I own and have read the following: Your books. Your newsletters. Articles on your Web Site. It is my considered opinion that your studies and writings give us just about all we need to fight against this awful tyranny of the IRS. Thank you so much for all you have done.
J.H., Riverside, CA

Hi Otto, Thanks for making the changes to your web page and forums. It is unbelievable that so many false arguments continue to this day and that they could find their way to your web page of all places. I know from all of your research and materials that you are at the forefront in the fight against false theories and information. Please keep up the good work.
J.C., West Jordan, UT

Dear Otto, I have read all of your books and wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the research and hard work you have put into them. They have clarified many issues for me.
E.M., Fairbanks, AK

Otto, Finally, I would like to tell you how valuable I think your three books are, which I bought en masse back in (I think) January. I have read tons of opinions on the Internet, and even joined [name omitted]. Based on all the reading and research I have done I think your suggestions are by far the cleanest and most likely to succeed in being able to be free from the IRS. I have also seen my share of bogus theories of "patriot" (or maybe infiltrators from the IRS) regarding this or that technicality of the law, thinking that such things will matter to courts of injustice.
T.A., Maple Valley, WA

Dear Otto, In January of this year I came across your web site. Of all the so-called patriot sites, your books offer the most powerful evidence of the true nature of the income tax. Simple in that you don't have to sift through all codes and regulations to understand the true nature of the income tax. Factual, providing strong evidence to support your position and logical in your strategy. Excellent WORK!
C.W., Sommerset, CA

Greetings from Texas. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. What an education about our tax system.
R.C., Plaino, TX

Dear Otto, I have studied this issue for over 20 years. During that time I have read many books and articles by others. You are the only one I've read that gets it correct. Thank you for all you've done.
R.D., Smyrna, GA

Dear Otto, Thank you for all of your great research. I'm ordering another book for my father.
D.E., Aqua Dulce, CA

Dear Otto, I continue to experience major gratitude for your thorough and readable research on the "income" tax etc. Your books are my current favorite reading and a source of inspiration and confidence when I am feeling overwhelmed.
D.S., Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Otto, I have read and found extremely valuable all three of your books. ... Thanks for your fantastic work over the last 15+ years.
D.S., Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Otto, I have read your book The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All and consider it the best book on the subject I've read so far.
P.H., Coeur d'Alene, ID

Dear Mr. Skinner, Enclosed is a money order for $44.95 to cover my order for your latest book, The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All. Am looking forward to reading it -- the first two were excellent.
B.H., Richland, WA

Otto, I have read about 1/2 of the book on "Tax Loophole" that I borrowed from my neighbor. Its a very good and informative book, I got to have my own just in case.
J.F., Elm City, NC

Dear Otto, We agree with you wholeheartedly as to the frivolous arguments.... You brought certain other points to light, such as why those arguments are frivolous. We have researched about 30% of your cases cited, and, by golly! You're right. Your name and the name of ...Loophole... should be a household word.
B.McC., Spring Valley, CA

Dear Otto, YOU REALLY DO MAKE A LOT OF SENSE. And I've read many other books, listened to tapes and videos, attended seminars, but you really make the most sense.
J.H., Riverside, CA

Dear Mr. Skinner, Please send me a copy of The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All. Enclosed is $45.00. A friend has a copy and said that it is must reading. Thanks for this information.
G.E.R., Kaukaunia, WI

Dear Otto, Thank you for your invaluable input on the subject of income taxation. Studying your material is always enlightening and educational to say the least. I've been studying this subject for some time now. By far your approach is the most inspiring and sound.
C.A., New York, NY

Otto, I have had several people buy your book because it is the only book that make's sense of the IRS.
J.E.S., Hazleton, IA

Otto, I've just completed reading your book, The Best Kept Secret and I've found it easy to understand and very informative. I look forward to reading these other works of yours. Keep up the good work.
J.T.H., Hillsboro, NH

Dear Otto, Since receiving my first copy of this book [The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All] several weeks ago, I am informing anyone who will listen that this is the only book on this subject to come to my attention which properly addresses the subject.
J.W. III, Sarasota, FL

Otto, Your new book is GREAT! Send a copy to my friend listed below.
J.R.W., Branson, MO

Dear Mr. Skinner, I received your The Biggest "Tax Loophole" of All last Friday. I started to read it the following day. I couldn't put it down until I finished it! Thanks for putting together a lot of loose ends that have been very frustrating for me. Your information is so important that I gave my copy to a friend to educate him. I now need another copy for which I'm enclosing $44.95. P.T., Reno, NV

"Loophole" is great - Worth hundreds.
D.P., Las Vegas, NV

Dear Mr. Skinner, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your work in "Loophole" It is the best book I have about being a nonfiler. I've recommended it already to several people and hope to place orders for additional copies.

What I most appreciate is your treatment of false arguments and your insistence on the question of who is subject to federal tax law. Your work has done a lot to help me consolidate my understanding of my situation and properly rank the arguments in my defense. I also have benefited from your understanding of forcing the opponent to cite laws he is allegedly enforcing.

Again, thanks for all your excellent work helping us dedicated nonfilers. Best regards,
D.T., Chattanooga, TN


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